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Ko smo i kako možemo pomoći?

DPOrganizer was founded in 2015 with headquarters in Stockholm, Sweden. The founders combine expertise in data protection, information security and user experience to create a new generation of tools supporting organisations around the globe in managing data protection challenges.

Our goal is to support Board of Directors (BoD) and Chief Executive Officers (CEO) in ensuring compliance.

We also aim to simplify data protection management in practice, extending the capabilities of Chief Privacy Officers and Data Protection Officers to enable best use of available resources.

We believe responsible data processing is not only a question of compliance, but also a necessity in order to compete in an increasingly digital and privacy aware world.

DPOrganizer helps organisations create a full covering detailed and up to date mapping of their processing of personal data.

Through the various features of DPOrganizer, we make sure all information is easily accessible, usable and understandable, to make work easier and more efficient for the entire organisation.

Why invest in data protection now?

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now adopted and enters into force in May 2018 which means stakes are getting higher:

Fines of up to 4% of global annual turnover or 20 million euros;

Rules will be stricter and compliance more complicated to achieve;

You need to prepare now, ensuring compliance is time consuming. UK’s Information Commissioner Office, among other supervisory authorities, recommend action now including to review and document how you process personal data: https://goo.gl/qUpfov;

GDPR enables harmonisation of currently differentiated country specific privacy practices for multinational organisations. Now is the time to streamline and simplify;

Customers are growing increasingly concerned about privacy and aware of their rights. Also shareholders and third parties will require compliance and control.

The Data Controller is responsible for data protection compliance, which means the CEO and the BoD is ultimately responsible and liable.

DPOrganizer helps ensuring compliance and minimizing risk.

CEO/BoD Challenge: Provide necessary resources to the CPO/DPO/Privacy Office to enable them to carry out their assignments.

DPOrganizer allows the staff to more efficiently use their expertise, which means money is saved and risk reduced. With the best tools available in the hands of your privacy experts, less time is spent on paperwork and more on dealing with the difficult questions.

CEO/BoD Challenge: Information governance. Personal data constitutes, for most companies and in addition to coming with a material compliance risk, one of their most valuable and sensitive piece of information. To keep track of how such information is used, stored and accessible, is key to reduce risk.

All personal data processing is mapped and kept track of with DPOrganizer, including as regards storage and access. Relevant documentation on security measures, and contractual arrangements with service suppliers and others are also made available from one single location - DPOrganizer.

CEO/BoD Challenge: Make sure to understand the organisation’s processingof personal data and compliance situation.

With DPOrganizer, your privacy experts will be able to explain the flow of data, challenges and opportunities faster and easier. Information that you ask for or need to understand is quicklyfound, and presented to you in a comprehensible manner, which means you can understandwhich strategic decisions to take and how the data processing affects the overall risk situationof the organisation.

CEO/BoD Challenge: Ensure long term success by keeping customers,shareholders and partners happy.

By using DPOrganizer, you show customers that respect for their integrity is your priority.You also have the means to demonstrate to shareholders and partners that you are in controlof your processing of personal data.

CEO/BoD Challenge: Demonstrate accountability; show supervisory authoritiesthat data protection is not taken lightly on and that efforts have been made.

In case of inquiries/audits of supervisory authoritise, being able to demonstrate that effortsare made is key to minimize the effects of a breach. By using DPOrganizer, you can demonstrate that you have taken sincere efforts and aimed to be in full control.

DPOrganizer ensures your resources are used most efficiently, allowing the privacy experts to spend less time on paperwork and more on applying their expertise and making the right choices.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: Keep track of the organisation’s processingof personal data.

Maintaining a full covering and detailed personal data inventory is a time consuming job but with DPOrganizer, you ensure that all relevant aspects are captured and all information is gathered in one place. Thanks to the intuitive and user friendly interface of DPOrganizer, you can also easily involve other parts of the organisation to assist you in the work - a basic understanding about data protection is sufficient. With DP Manager it is easy to ensure your inventory is up to date.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: Make sure all processing, including third country transfers, is based on appropriate legal basis.

With DPOrganizer, you ensure to keep track of the legal basis for all processing and any third country transfers and disclosure to other recipients. Identify possible weaknesses, and correct them to prevent problems before they become real.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: Review privacy notices and processing agreements to ensure they reflect actual processing/instructions and meet legal requirements.

By having all relevant documents, such as privacy notices, agreements and privacy impact assessments, accessible through DPOrganizer where you also instantly have all information relevant for such documents’ content, time saving is a given. DPOrganizer helps you identify e.g. if a document is missing or it does not accurately describe reality, and also if reality is not in line with commitments.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: Control that personal data is stored and accessible only for an appropriate period of time, and accessible only for appropriate staff in the organisation.

Keep track of all staff access to personal data, and for how long the data is stored in databases and accessible through access points with DPOrganizer. Control that policies are complied with and use soon to come feature DP Review to ensure the information is up to date.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: In a time efficient and comprehensive manner explain the organisation’s processing and challenges to internal and externalparties, such as management and supervisory authorities.

DPOrganizer features DP Map and DP Report makes it easy to visualize and explain the processing of personal data. Use DP Map when you have 5 minutes in the board room, to show the overall picture in terms of responsibilities between parties involved in the processing and their geographical location, whilst at the same time all details are just a click away. Use DP Report to create a full covering or custom report for your legal advisor, auditor or supervisory authority with a just a few clicks. You can also invite your legal advisor or auditor as a read-only user into your DPOrganizer account.

CPO/DPO/Privacy Office Challenge: Plan and perform data protection training, internal controls and review of the organisation’s processing of personal data to ensure all is up to date and in line with internal and external rules.

With soon to come feature DP Manager, all your privacy activities of the year can be planned,organized, performed and documented. Utilizing the already existing information about the organisation’s processing, executing controls and reviews directly through DPOrganize saves time and effort for both you and the recipient/reviewed party/individual.